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Louis Butcher III: I am somebody faith and religion

About Me

Who am I?


My name is Troia Butcher and I grew up in Lancaster, PA.  I am an Ordained Minister and a Lover of God's Word.  I have been teaching the Word of God since I was 13 years old. women faith and religion

My Mission


My mission in life is very simple: Go ye therefore and teach all nations.  (Matthew 28:19)

 I live by, the model: "If I can help somebody as I am passing by then my living is not in vain." faith faith and religion women



I was 13, when my intense love for God's Word began.  I remember hearing my father and another Pastor who I respect deliver God's Word so that anyone could understand it.  That was my prayer to be able to help everyone understand God's Word. faith and religion

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